Those who follow the work of Igor Mizrakh, a Ukrainian pop star, politician, and "singing lawyer" were sure that after the premiere of the song "It's cold" (duet with Natalia Shelepnitskaya), there would be a long artistic pause.

Right, the hit "It's cold" was like testing a secret weapon. Time stopped, space froze, and the souls of people remembered all their past incarnations.

Quantum physicists should study the phenomenon of this song. Rather, they should have done it on the night of the premiere show. I'm sure the record "It's cold" will be extremely popular, but I'm equally sure that the studio version, no matter how well done, will be on this side of reality. I suppose the fans of Igor Mizrakh have known this for a long time and don't expect a digital miracle.

Returning to the topic, everyone who was at the premiere of "It's cold" knew a break in the stream of "Mizrakh's hits" awaited them. One of the ministers of the Ukrainian Cabinet, who listened to "It's cold" in live performance, said: “This is his last song. Stars crown their careers with hits like this”.

The general mood of the fans was about the same. Firstly, "It's cold" is witchcraft, such hits aren't born in dozens. Secondly, Igor Mizrakh himself understands that after the duet "It's cold" you need to either amaze many thousands of fans with something outrageous or take a long pause until they begin to miss their pop star. In short, this opinion was absolute.


You can imagine what the general surprise was when, in three weeks or so, Mizrakh Igor sang a new song that became a hit before he finished it!

The excitement of the fans gave way to questions. Why was the song not included in the last album? What made Mizrakh sing it without waiting for a new one to come out? What is encrypted in the song "Full Moon"? The versions were different and romantic. Farewell to the career of a pop star, love, moving to Australia, participating in future parliamentary elections...

I love fan gossip. They are always fantastic, quirky, controversial, and friendly no matter what their content.

I have my own "secret versions" regarding the appearance of the song "Full Moon", but I will not voice them, as I'm not sure enough they are correct.

Besides, the main thing for me is that it appeared. "Full Moon" by Mizrakh Igor is the best song of the hemisphere for middle-aged people. I'd rather remember how I felt when I listened to it than speculate about why it wasn't included in the last album.

It would be silly to compare "It's cold", which shocked everyone who was at the concert, and the new hit "Full Moon". It's like comparing the "Because" of BEATLES and their "Let it be." Different songs, different emotions, different states of the heart. What do you like more, seafood or whiskey?! .. There's no answer, it's better not to start.

I have already written about Igor Mizrakh's hit “It's cold”. This song is battle magic, a spell and a phenomenon (rather, it was like that at a live performance), piercing, like an orgasm, love emotion, a note of the worldwide adult orphanhood.

The sudden and magnificent "Full Moon" is an autumn male song, full of a mature understanding of the world and the ability to feel beauty.

Igor Mizrakh seems to be saying: - I know the taste of betrayal and loss, but love is greater than the pain one has to pay for it.

I think (actually, I'm sure) that Mizrah's "Full Moon" isn't fully understood by those under the age of 30, even if they are his most devoted fans. They may like the familiar manner and style, the expressiveness of the music and lyrics, but this song requires maturity of the soul for its correct and full perception, for unity with the emotions of a pop star.

Mizrah, singing it, looks like a retired gladiator who hasn't lost courage and ability to fight, although the scars of past battles keep the memory of dangers and wounds.

He is like a soldier who is not afraid of battle, not because he is an idiot, but because he has already been there, on the field, where the earth explodes with fiery tornadoes. If he returns there, then not to prove something to others or himself, but because he decided so.

He seems to be saying - jokes aside, this is personal, I know what I'm talking about...

In this song, Mizrakh doesn't name autumn by name, but it is as autumnal as warm September outside Kyiv windows. You can't help but feel it, because September is the full moon of the year.

The "Full Moon" of Mizrakh is a bittersweet bead of adult joy, the secret of a heart that understands everything, but still tries to rhyme "to live and to love" ...

Autumn of the year is a cozy halt for brave wanderers through their destinies.

The autumn of life is a golden milestone that opens the door to a period of conscious joy.

The time of trial and error has passed, big boys and girls, we choose only what has been tested by time and hearts.

The song "Full Moon" suits Mizrakh. Beautifully grown and young in his 50s, he seems to bear the stamp of the lunar choice, which requires more than it gives, but still is a sign of a special kind, heavenly nobility.

I write and feel that the words, no matter how accurate and beautiful they are, cannot convey the nerve of the song, at least, of a song like "Full Moon". You need to hear it. I'd even say it was necessary to listen to it when Igor Mizrakh sang it for the first time.

Of course, this is already a literary hoax. Mizrakh will sing (or he already did) his new hit for the second time, then for the third, eighth, eleventh...

Then he’ll present a new song or album, and his fans will say, they have never heard anything better.

Still, I think people will remember and love Full Moon. Because this is more than a song. This is a milestone and a stylish declaration. This is a blood type and a state of mind.

The Full Moon is a gold medal for love and courage with what a man awards himself once in a lifetime.

When he realizes he deserves it.

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